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Ideal for discussing fire safety in tutor time or at youth clubs, the DARE Game offers situation, setting and profile cards to enable thoughtful discussion. 

Many people are injured or killed as a result of fire every year in the UK; some of these fires will have been preventable. According to Government statistics there were over 182,000 fire incidents in the year to March 2019, with 253 fire related deaths. Fire incidents have recently started to increase slowly after many years of decline.

Fire Safety and Young People

Young people can often be risk takers for a variety of reasons – their age and stage of development means that they can be easily distracted, do not recognise danger and may be more likely to take risks. Experimentation with smoking and the need to hide this can increase risks, along with use of candles and fireworks and the fascination that fire can often have. BBQ’s and camping may be mixed with drugs and/or alcohol which can increase the likelihood of an accidental fire.

Every child is different, so it’s important to teach them about fire safety in a variety of ways, then get them to prove what they have learnt.

How can Life Skills courses help?

The Fire Safety module in our Life Skills Game can be used by schools or community groups and teaches young people how to be more aware of the risks posed by fire. Using discussion-based scenarios young people will follow our SKILL DECISION MAKING MODEL in order keep themselves and others safe in the event of a fire. A range of different settings and scenarios are considered, along with individual factors that increase risk, including ability and disability. The keys to Planning, Prevention, Practice and Protection are utilised in order to ensure that everyone stays in or can reach the Safe Zone.

Which course do I need?

KS 3 – Life Skills Game

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Keep your family and your home safe with just a little fire safety preparation and prevention.  Prepare, Practice and Prevent.

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Top tips every parent needs to strike that balance between freedom and safety. When keeping kids happy, active and safe, we’re all in this together.

NI Direct

Fire is one of the most common causes of accidental injury and death among children. They are naturally drawn to the warmth and light of fire.

Red Cross

During a fire, early warning from a working smoke alarm plus a fire escape plan that has been practiced regularly can save lives.

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