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25+ Years Experience in Drug Education
25+ Years Experience in Drug Education

Our vision is to create cohesive communities, improve lives and build a safer future for everyone.

Dedicated, Experienced and Trusted

In the last  28 years, over 500,000 young people have benefitted by engaging with one of our programmes.  Because our programmes are proven to create a real change in attitudes and behaviour, we are the go-to organisation for over 300 schools per year, as well as the Police, Prison Service, Community groups and the British Army.

Targeted Outcomes Framework

Life Skills ‘graduates’ develop the skills that are essential for overall personal growth, effective communication, and successful interactions in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and community involvement. Developing and honing these abilities is proven to improve overall well-being and positive outcomes.

We’re on a mission to empower every child with the resilience and skills to make safe choices in any risky situation. Our work provides the foundational skills that underpin fulfilled, happy lives by increasing access to high-quality social skills education for those who need it most.

Developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills by modelling real life situations for young people to work through.

Drug and substance misuse, knife and hate crimes do not happen in a vacuum; there is a journey that leads to someone carrying a knife, taking drugs or drinking too much, all decisions made, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Dame Carol Black, in her review, stated, “The financial cost of drug misuse is absolutely staggering.  It costs society almost £20 billion a year, something like £350 for every man, woman and child in England.  But the human toll is incalculably larger, measured not in pounds lost but in lives shattered.”  Statistics show that 11% of young people have tried drugs at some point, and it is estimated that 17,521 males in the population are likely to report weapon carrying or use at the age of 14.

We know that significantly increasing access to high-quality social skills and prevention education in the areas that need it most can have a significant effect on these statistics.   Through the provision of long-term (multiple-year), evidence-informed, impact-driven programmes we can make a tangible difference to the outcomes of young people in the long term.

Life Skills Education - Keepin it REAL Workbook Cover

Life Skills Primary

Delivered to over 12,000 young people each year

Providing a safe environment for young people to learn interpersonal and decision making skills, including:

Person holding hand on heart

Personal Responsibility

Speech bubbles


Person above 2 arrows and a question mark

Decision Making

Warning sign flashing

Risks & Consequences

Person with lots of things on their mind

Dealing with Pressure

Two people going around with arrows

Peer Group Pressure

Girl waving and talking


5 hands all holding each other


Cogs whirring in a head

Creative Thinking

Head with a heart in it

Emotional Intelligence

Person with arm around another


Person with a bunch of icons coming from thier mind - related to personal skills

Inter Personal Skills

Lightbulb jigsaw, hand placing in last piece of the puzzle

Problem Solving

Person holding something above head with a downward arrow pointing at them


Two people and shaking hands in a bubble with an exclamation point above it

Conflict Resolution

4 people within a dotted line and one without

Good Citizenship

In the context of keeping safe around:

Child sat at computer

Online Harms

Hand holding a phone with a sexual image on it


Cigarette with smoke


Bottle of alchol and a glass




Knife or bladed object

Knife Crime

Young person sat at school table, someone has thrown something at the back of their head


Shouting in ear

Hate Crime

Life Skills Education Charity