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Better Outcomes for Young People Against a Range of Emerging Threats

Every child deserves the right to know how to deal with risks, understand the consequences and be able to make an informed decision.

Trusted by Parents and Teachers

Over 25 years, in excess of over 430,000 young people have benefitted from one of our programmes. Because our programmes create a real change in attitudes and behaviour, we are the go-to organisation for many agencies, including the Police, Prison Service, Community groups and the British Army.

Memorable Learning Experiences

Our interactive and age-appropriate resources make lessons engaging even when it comes to discussing tricky subjects. We cover a vast range of topics including drugs, alcohol, knife and hate crime

We have been developing and delivering our drug and life skills education resources since 1995

We are a registered charity in England and Wales that has been developing and delivering drug and life skills education resources for teachers in UK schools since 1995.  Our programmes are developed using evidence from research and follow government guidelines and best practice.

A national issue

Drug and substance misuse by young people in the UK costs around £28 Million each year. Statistics show that 11% of young people have tried drugs at some point and we know that regular abuse can start with the casual use of ‘soft drugs’.

Life Skills Education - Keepin it REAL Workbook Cover

Life Skills Primary

Delivered to over 12,000 young people each year

As a charity we aim:

‘To educate young people to lead safe and healthy lives and achieve their potential’

‘To provide drug and alcohol education to more young people year on year’

Our Programmes at a Glance

Course Name Year Group
Key Topics Delivery Method Length of Programme Resources

Little STaRS

Super STaRS

1 & 2

Medicines, Feelings & Friendship, People who help us stay healthy, Risk and consequences, stress and worry, Staying safe at home and Computer and online safety.

Teacher Led

Six 30 Minute Lessons – Year 1

Six 45 Minute Lessons – Year 2

Animated videos, downloadable lesson plans and resource sheets. Poster & certificates.

Shooting STaRS

Mega STaRS

3 & 4

Medicines, Feelings & Friendship, People who help us stay healthy, Risk and consequences, stress and worry, Staying safe at home and Computer and online safety.

Teacher Led

Six 45 Minute Lessons – Year 3

Six 1 hour Lessons – Year 4

Animated videos, downloadable lesson plans and resource sheets. Poster & certificates.
Life Skills Primary 5 or preferably 6 Drugs, Alcohol, Knife Crime, Hate Crime, Decision Making, Resistance Strategies, Responsibility, Stress, Peer Pressure, Communication, Risks and Consequences, Support Network, Good Citizenship DAaRT Officer and/or Teacher Led Ten 1 Hour Weekly Lessons plus Graduation Video’s, Presentation, Workbook, Lesson Plans
Life Skills Game 7 or 8 / Community Resource Drugs and Alcohol, Hate Crime, Knife Crime, Internet Safety, Decision Making Teacher / Youth Group Leader Ad- hoc, card based scenario game with discussion Cards, Session Guides, Information sheets (‘how to’, ‘the Law’)

Evaluated life skills education programmes,
proven to be effective on these learning outcomes

Communication and listening

Young people who had a Life Skills Education intervention were 3.4 times more advanced than the control group.

Getting help from others

Young people that undergo our programmes are 5.4 times more likely to seek help from other people.

Making safe & responsible choices

Young people that have go through the life skills primary programme are twice as likely to make safe and responsible choices

Knowledge around substances

Young people were 2.4 times more knowledgeable about drugs, alcohol and substance use/abuse.

**  Not only has an independent study shown that our programmes are effective on all major outcomes, teachers have rated them ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ against the Mentor ADEPIS Quality Standards.  Parent feedback shows that children develop new skills and knowledge as a result of our courses.  Click this link for more information on our effectiveness.

A cost effective way to deliver your PSHE curriculum

Our courses cover a wide range of PSHE subjects including:

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Cannabis plant leaf

* All of our courses make use of the SKILL Decision Making model, our proprietary framework for examining risks and consequences.

Your course, your way

So you want to help your young people understand how to deal with risks and consequences and skill up your staff in the process? Great! We have a range of life skills education resources for teachers at both Primary and Secondary age groups as well as some resources for use by community groups.

Our Life Skills Education Resources for teachers provide a cohesive curriculum that progresses from primary Key Stage 2 up to Secondary Key Stage 4 as well as community based programmes and combine the use of:

    • A mix of delivery staff including teachers and our own staff
    • A wide range of resources including visual slides, videos, role play activities and workbooks to record learning
    • A truly comprehensive set of lesson plans to facilitate delivery
    • Quality Assurance, monitoring and feedback.
Life Skills Education Charity