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A refreshed DARE Primary Programme, updated to include Hate and Knife Crime

We are pleased to share some important and urgent news that we hope will be of real benefit your students and also greatly assist your budget.

Here at Life Skills Education Charity, the home  of the DARE programme, we are proud to announce that from September we will be offering a revised and updated programme.

Nottinghamshire Police are investing in the future of young people’s education, through our renewed partnership with them, we have been able to develop DARE 25, a substantially refreshed primary programme. This revised version of our current DARE primary programme, which has successfully been delivered into schools since 2014, still uses our proven and evaluated DARE Decision Making Model to help young people make and reflect upon their decisions.

The revised programme retains all the essential elements of our tried and tested programme whilst building upon and addressing a number of extra issues; now included in the programme are knife and hate crime as well as enhanced materials surrounding alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and peer pressure. DARE 25 addresses the emerging threats that your students may face as they transition from life in primary schools through to secondary education and beyond. 

We have new characters, new videos, new animations as well as a completely new work books that sit alongside the new interactive lessons. We have also updated all of the information in respect of  drugs and alcohol that you have come to rely upon.

DARE 25 lessons link smoothly together throughout the 10 weeks of delivery – new lessons are focused on the risks and consequences of carrying knives and on dealing with difference and tolerance of others, which aims to reduce the incidence of hate crime and escalating levels of violence.

All of our materials are age appropriate and we have worked hard to ensure that feedback from our customers and those with real life experience have shaped the content of our programme. We believe this is the best programme available which meets the requirements of the new curriculum and has links to a broader range of cross curricular subjects. 

Our aim is to offer you a programme that compliments the work you are doing and gives opportunities to reinforce cross circular learning, making this programme an essential and complementary part of your overall offer to students. 

GOOD NEWS – Our partnership with Nottinghamshire Police means that we are able to offer schools in Nottingham City and Nottingham County the new programme at 50% of the cost for the next three years.

The Details


The funding is ONLY available to schools that come under Nottingham City and Nottingham County Education Authority.  It is available for 3 years from the 2019/2020 academic year and is for 50% of the total cost of your programme.


DARE will have been operating in Nottinghamshire for 25 years in 2020.  Our current programme was introduced in September 2014 and is due for an update.  The Nottinghamshire Chief of Police wants to tackle knife and hate crime issues . 

So What’s Changing?

We are in the process of significantly refreshing the DARE Primary Programme; once transformed it will be DARE 25.  The core of the programme remains, but will include topics around risky behaviour and decision making on hate and knife crime.

What about DARE Primary?

We are making DARE Primary, our current programme, available to those schools that specifically want it, however we will be reviewing this in the future.  Be aware however, that the 50% funding is not available for this course.

DARE 25 Details

We have just completed the consultation phase of the process of updating the programme, which is still being put together.  These pages will be updated weekly with information on progress, but we will have all new videos, scenarios and a new DARE Song! 

Age Appropriateness

We understand that knife and hate crime might sound scary, but please be assured, all of our material is age appropriate and we have worked hard with partners to create scenarios that are realistic as well as suitable for years 5 and 6.

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Why you should book DARE 25

  • Updated materials

  • Same evaluated methodology

  • Still includes Alcohol/Tobacco/Cannabis

  • Now includes knife and hate crime

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