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Are you Govt. funded?

Life Skills Education Charity is completely self funded. We sell our programmes to fund the work we do in nearly 400 schools each year.

We are lucky enough to get support from local councils, Police & Crime Commissioners and other sponsors to help fund development work and delivery in certain areas.

Are your staff DBS checked?

When DAaRT Officers undergo training they are subjected to an enhanced DBS check to ensure that they are fit to be working with young people.

We recheck all staff every 3 years as part of our wider child protection policy.  Every member of staff, including office staff are DBS checked.

Do your programmes work?

Yes.  We have been delivering these programmes for a long while and in that time they have been redeveloped and evaluated every two to three years.

All of our programmes follow govt. guidelines and meet best practice.  We have quantitative and qualitative data to support this from academics and customers alike.

What do you have for my children?

Key stage 1 – ages 5 – 7: On Track, Keep On Track

Key stage 2 – ages 7 – 11: Life Skills Primary

Key stage 3 – ages 11 – 14:  The Life Skills Game

Life Skills Education Charity