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Age Appropriate Drug Awareness Programmes

That provide facts and figures on the health effects and usage of young people in the UK. 

Life Skills Education programmes provide age appropriate, accurate and up to date facts and information which enables children to learn about the health effects that drugs have on the human body, increasing a young persons drug awareness.

As they progresses, young peoples’ learning develops and awareness around communication, resisting pressure and managing stressful situations improve.  However, It’s not just illegal drugs that young people need to be wary of. There are legal substances for sale with potential health risks. NHS Choices provide further useful information about legal highs.

Children are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure and don’t know the facts about drugs, including alcohol – they are often unaware of how to communicate effectively, or deal with risky situations.  School has a responsibility to ensure children leave fully equipped for transition to secondary school/adolescence and all that comes along with that transition, ensuring that their young people will be able to make safe and healthy choices.

The Life Skills Primary Programme is an 11 week programme that focuses on all drugs, including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, volatile substances and new psychoactive substances.  Drug awareness information and health effects are provided in the context of key, real life scenarios, that the young people get to work through in the context of risk taking, making healthy decisions, communication, peer pressure, bullying and difference.

Some helpful tips about how to avoid drugs and stay safe and healthy:

  • Effectively deal with peer pressure, the SKILL Decision Making Model can help with this
  • Examine the risks carefully
  • Understand the effects of drugs on your body
  • Be drug aware, understand the reasons why people offer you drugs
  • Don’t buy any drugs online, not even legal ones.

Some excellent resources around the topic of Drug Awareness.

Talk to Frank

Talk to Frank is a government initiative to help debunk the myths around drugs.  It is a great place to find out honest facts about drugs.


Lots of parents and teachers are concerned about underage drug taking and challenging behaviour. Find out how you can keep your child safe and aware of the risks.


Mentor works to prevent drug misuse among children and young people. Our vision is a country where young people are informed and empowered.


Guidance for school leaders and staff on managing drugs and drug-related incidents within schools and pastoral support for pupils.

Life Skills Primary

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