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Online Harms Module

Only £2 per child

Cyber bullying takes place over digital devices including mobile phones, computers, and tablets and can occur through a variety of means (text messages, apps, or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content); some adults use the internet to groom young people for sexual gratification, to join gangs and become involved in criminal and other risky behaviour.

Learning to navigate the internet safely is crucial to young people’s development and taking part in this module, becoming a ‘Web Warrior’ will ensure that they remain confident and safe online.

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Minimum of 11 young people.
£2 per young person.
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SKILL Decision Making Model

Our approach

Web Warriors uses the same tried and tested format as our Life Skills Primary programmes.

Students meet Michael, who is facing a problem, and through animated videos will see how easily he is drawn into a risky situation online.  Using the worksheet and through discussion and interactive activities the students will learn how to manage such situations themselves.

The class will use our SKILL DECISION-MAKING MODEL and consider pressure, peer pressure and risks and consequences and will also discuss the law as it relates to online activity.

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