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2020 marks 25 years of DARE in the UK delivered to over 400,000 students

A Little History 
Behind Life Skills 
Education Charity

Andre Camillieri
Chair of Trustees

We are Life Skills Education Charity. We help young people manage risk.

Originally brought to Mansfield in 1995, DARE programmes have been delivered to nearly 400,000 young people throughout the UK.  Life Skills Education Charity believe that all young people deserve the right to lead safe and healthy lives and achieve their potential.  We do this by providing evidence-based, professional resources to schools, local authorities and community groups.

Since 1995 there have been over 10 iterations / re-designs of the primary programme (now DARE 25) as well as the creation of 2 secondary programmes and the DARE Game.  Our development team have also worked on external resources such as On Track and Keep On Track in collaboration with local business as well as the Police and Local Authorities within Nottingham.

2018 saw the publication of the first independent, randomised control sampled evaluation of a UK based DARE programme, a combined effort by Nottingham and Nottingham Trent Universities involving 60 schools and over 1500 young people.  It showed that the work that we do has a statistically proven positive impact on our learning outcomes.

Senior Management Team

Peter Moyes
Stuart Longcroft
Director of Finance and Operations
Angie Sheard
Director of HR & Products

How is DARE

We offer several courses that each have different methods of delivery. Needless to say, our DARE Officers are selected because of their unique experiences in previous roles that give them a direct link and passion to the subjects that we deliver.

Every DARE Officer goes through an intense 6 day training course that culminates with delivery of a lesson in a real classroom.  Once qualified all DARE Officers are quality assured each term to ensure that they are delivering to the strict standards that we set out.

Our programmes use a blend of workbooks, presentations, videos, role play and Q&A to ensure that they keep young people interested and engaged.


Meet the Team

Our head office and delivery team are growing fast.

Katherine Burke
Sales Manager
Katy White
Lisa Brett
Sales & Marketing Exec.
Andy Clarke
Senior DARE Officer
Mike Donaghue
Senior DARE Officer
James Appleyard
Mentor DARE Officer
Janette Beale
Mentor DARE Officer
Natasha Davies
Mentor DARE Officer
Alvin Cable
DARE Officer
Anne-Marie Lawrence
DARE Officer
Anne Renwick
DARE Officer
Barry Harper
DARE Officer
Carol Spencer
DARE Officer
Clare Rafferty
DARE Officer
Eileen Smith
DARE Officer
Fredi Chohan
DARE Officer
Heather Bartley
DARE Officer
Julie O’Farrell
DARE Officer
Lindsey Ball
DARE Officer
Michelle Freeman
DARE Officer
Nickie Anthony
DARE Officer
Roz Manson
DARE Officer
Sarah Vaughan
DARE Officer
Selina Daly
DARE Officer
Stephen Gurney
DARE Officer
Alison Woolacott
DARE Officer
Brian Schubert
DARE Officer
Carina McMorran
DARE Officer
Cath Babbington
DARE Officer
Neil Scully
DARE Officer
Helen Thompson
DARE Officer
Sean Snow
DARE Officer
Mark Walker
DARE Officer
Nicola Swithenbank
DARE Officer
Kirsty Mackintosh
DARE Officer
Ben Neale
DARE America Youth Advocate

Registered Address

Unit 21, NBV Enterprise Centre
6 David Lane, Basford
Nottingham, NG6 0JU

Contact Number

Our offices are open:
8am – 4pm
Mon – Fri

Tel:  0300 111 3273
Fax:  0700 607 7559
E-Mail:  info@lifeskills-education.co.uk
Address: Life Skills Education Centre, Chadburn House, Weighbridge Road, Littleworth, Mansfield, NG18 1AH

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