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Helping children make safe and confident decisions in risky situations.

In the context of keeping safe around:

Child sat at computer

Online Harms

Hand holding a phone with a sexual image on it


Cigarette with smoke


Bottle of alchol and a glass




Knife or bladed object

Knife Crime

Young person sat at school table, someone has thrown something at the back of their head


Shouting in ear

Hate Crime

Using our unique

SKILL Decision Making Model

Your Course, Your Way

A range of delivery options

Scenario Based Problem Solving

Using Real Life Situations

A Whole School Approach

Across 6 year groups

Fully Planned and Structured

Complete Set of Resources

Independently Evaluated

By Nottingham University

Evidence Based Design

Social Learning Theory


For Years 1 – 4
Life Skills STaRS - Logo

From £7.50 per module

Online Harms

For Years 5 – 6
Web Warriors - Online Harms Module

From £2 per child


For Years 5 – 6
Life Skills Primary Programme

From £13 per child

Life Skills Game

Years 7 – 9
Life Skills Game

From £10 per module

Every child deserves the right to know how to deal with risks, understand the consequences and be able to make an informed decision.

Life Skills Education Charity