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Life Skills Trainers (Application Form)

Section 1 - Personal Details

The application process is structured as follows;

Stage 1: Completion and return of application form.

Stage 2: Selection criteria applied to determine compliance with Job Description / Person Specification.

Stage 3: Prioritisation of applicants for interview. Due to the business requirements of Life Skills Education Charity the prioritisation will take account of;

• Meeting the person specification

• The geographical location of the applicant in relation to existing and potential Life Skills Education Charity business

• Any existing relationships of the applicant with schools and children and young peoples’ services likely to generate new business.

Stage 4: Selection Interviews.

Stage 5: DAaRT Officer training/certification course (maximum 6 days) held in Nottinghamshire, travel expenses will be met.

Stage 6: Successful applicants authorised to deliver DAaRT Products in the term following their completion of the course.

This Online Application Form

This online application is split into 6 sections and some sections will require preparation to complete. For this reason we have supplied a Microsoft WORD version of the form that you can download to prepare your answers before entering them online.

Download the Form

Sections which do not apply to you should clearly be marked N/A. All evidence to be considered as part of the selection process must be included on the application form. CVs may be attached for information purposes.

If you have a disability and feel you may be unable to comply with any of the above please contact the Training and Development Manager at Life Skills Education Charity.

Data Protection Act 2018

The information you provide in this application form will be entered into an electronic and manual filing system and is covered by the rules set out by the Data Protection Act 2018.

SECTION 1 – Personal Details

Including Postcode.
If a Commonwealth Citizen or foreign national, you will be asked to provide a passport which shows your stay in the UK is free from restrictions.
To be eligible for appointment you must be a British Citizen or member of the EC or other states in the EEA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein). Commonwealth citizens and foreign nationals are also eligible but only if they are resident in the UK free of restrictions.
Your previous or current employer will not be contacted until a provisional offer is made.

Life Skills Education Charity