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We are looking for young people in years 7 – 11 to help us understand the issues affecting them and their communities.

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Who are we?

Life Skills Education is a registered charity based in Nottingham that works with young people to help them understand the risks and potential consequences of their actions around drug, alcohol, knife and hate crime-related issues.  What we do next will be informed by you.

We are currently recruiting young people to join our Youth Advisory Board (YAB) to guide our development work and future areas of focus by being an integral part of our impact evaluation process and our voice of local young people.

Do you want to help guide the future direction of prevention education that young people in your community receive?

Then we want to hear from you!

The YAB is being formed so that young people can support, challenge and inform the work that we do in schools, clubs and community groups around the country.  The YAB will explore urgent issues affecting young people and inform the ongoing development work of our charity.  Essentially, you will be the voice of young people within our organisation.

The YAB is looking to recruit young people in years 7 – 11, and the post will usually be held for 3 years.  This board is brand new; as a member of the very first youth board, you will have a direct say in its development and direction.  You will sign off on the terms of reference for the group, giving you a say in the work that you will undertake.

This is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain knowledge, new skills and experiences that will be extremely valuable for future university applications and employers.  Members of the YAB will play an important role in the implementation of our Impact Evaluation Strategy, gathering the views and opinions of other young people about the work that we do, as well as helping us focus on new and emerging threats as young people come to face them. 

All successful candidates will recieve a £25 Amazon voucher, with all applicants being entered into a draw to win a further £100!

Applications can be submitted below.  We’ve tried to make this process simple and accessible for everyone. We would very much appreciate it if teachers, parents/guardians of young people could encourage them to apply and support them in the application process.

Applications need to be submitted by the end of January 2024, with interviews being held in February.  The inaugural YAB Meeting will take place in March 2024.  Questions about the role can be emailed to:

To Apply:

Complete the form below, as part of that process, you will need to upload a Microsoft Word or PDF document, of no more than 2 pages, about why you would like to be a member of the Life Skills Youth Board. You should include things like:

    • Tell us about you, your interests, personality and studies. Did you do DARE or a DAaRT Programme; what did you think?
    • Why you want to join Life Skills, take a look at our website, what interests you about our work?
    • Why do you want to join the YAB? How do you plan on fitting the role in with your other commitments?
    • What skills, interests and experiences do you have that would be useful for the role?  What skills would you like to learn as part of the role?

Apply Here:

YAB Application Form 2024
Name of Parent/Guardian/Carer (Whom we can contact for consent to process your application)
Name of Parent/Guardian/Carer (Whom we can contact for consent to process your application)
We will email your Parent/Guardian/Carer to complete a short form to give us consent to process your application.

If you are selected, we would like to be able to connect with you via social media. Please provide your social media handles below.

Maximum file size: 516MB

Will you be available to attend an interview, probably remotely, in February 2024?
We will make all arrangements necessary to ensure that we make interviews accessible to everyone.
Will you be available to attend the first YAB Meeting in March 2024?

Diversity monitoring information (Answers here are optional and not completing them will not stop you from submitting your application).

Your Gender
Do you identify as transgender?
For the purpose of this question ‘transgender’ is defined as an individual who lives, or wants to live, in the gender opposite to that they were assigned at birth.
Your Sexual Orientation:
Your Religion or Belief:
Your Ethnic Origin:
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
Please Choose:
How will you protect my privacy?
Your privacy is really important to us. By filling in the Life Skills education Youth Advisory Board application form, you are consenting to Life Skills Education Charity using your personal information to keep in touch with you over the course of the project. If your application is not successful, or you decide to withdraw your application, we will delete your personal data from our files. If you want to withdraw your consent at any time you can contact the Data Controller for Life Skills Education at and if you would like to see our full Privacy Notice you can do so here

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